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ProjectDate Approved
Deliberate orientation and transition practices as part of a broader student success strategy: A comparative study of three large urban Ontario colleges2014-04-28
Grading College Level Laboratory Courses: Using a coarse level assessment scale with significant pass- fail differentiation2014-10-06
Student mobility from college to university2014-10-06
Exploring the factors and Student Perceptions that Influence Retention in a School’s First Term2014-10-06
International Student's Expectation of their Mohawk college experience2014-10-06
Does managing multiple roles affect academic engagement of adult female students in the third semester of the Social Service Worker program at a community college?2014-10-06
Faculty Perceptions of Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities2014-10-06
Faculty Perception of Cell Phone Use in the College Classroom2014-10-06
The Experiences of Students in Sustainable Design in Post-Secondary Engineering education2014-10-06
Usage Patterns of Course Videos by College Business Students2014-10-06
Student Attitudes toward Collaborative Testing in a Community College in Ontario, Canada2014-10-06
An exploration of leadership competencies to assist Ontario College Associate Deans and/or Chairs be successful in their roles2014-11-24
Credit where credit is due: Understanding the credit transfer experience at Ontario colleges2014-11-24
The effects of Bluetooth Beacons on students’ educational experience2015-01-13
Explaining Collaboration between University and CAAT Faculty within Collaborative Nursing Education Programs in Ontario.2015-02-20
Supporting Student Success: The Role of Student Services in Ontario's Postsecondary Institutions2015-03-04
Research ethics in the Ontario college sector: An exploratory descriptive study of governance and administrative frameworks2015-04-07
The Post-Schooling Outcomes of Postsecondary Graduates: A Tax Data Linkage Approach2015-05-06
Integrated biological markers for the prediction of treatment response in depression2015-04-20
Future Authoring for New Students2015-05-11
Assessing the Impact of the College Educator Development Program on Faculty Self-Efficacy, Teaching Perspectives and Instructional Practices2015-05-20
Using Predictive Modeling for Students At-Risk of Leaving College to Support Early Alert & Intrusive Advising Interventions2015-06-18
Partnering for change: Mapping connections between disability, education and employment among young people with Intellectual Disability / Developmental Disability who have experienced homelessness2015-05-20
IEN success- Leveraging Collaborative Partnership Project2015-07-18
Mapping Home: Memories, Culture and Lived Literacies2015-06-08
Assistive technology training for students with intellectual disabilities in an inclusive post-secondary program and its effects on independence and academic outcomes.2015-06-24
Enhancing Mental Health and Wellness Outcomes for Aboriginal Learners2015-10-14
Cerebral Palsy, adolescents and young adults, brain and behavior, physical and mental health2015-09-24
Enhancing Access to Postsecondary Education for Male African Immigrant Youth in Southern Ontario2015-10-14
Study abroad: An anti-colonial inquiry2015-11-03
Partnering for Change: Disabled youth’s experiences of education, homelessness, and employment.2016-04-21
A mixed methods study to gain an understanding of why Ontario Community College Academic Administrators remain in their positions2016-02-10
INtranasal OXyTocin for the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders “INOXT Study”2016-02-10
A Case Study of the Cultural Component of Three Ontario Colleges' Leadership Development Programs2016-04-21
Personal factors affecting performance in women's softball2016-04-21
The Effect of Observation on Skill Acquisition in Obstetric Simulation Based Ultrasound Training2016-05-03
Understanding the effects of non-monetary reward methods on support staff employee satisfaction and motivation in the higher education industry in Ontario.2016-04-21
Pathway Transfer to Postsecondary: Exploring the connection between tuition free credit courses and postsecondary studies2016-05-03
Post Secondary and Workplace Skills (PAWS) Project2016-05-06
Feasibility of Evaluating the Impact of a College Course for Pediatric Cancer Survivors2016-06-02
Immunize Connect Ontario (ICON)2016-10-24
The Effects of Career Preparatory Tools on Postgraduate Employment2016-10-11
Mohawk College Applied Research Student Initiative: Secondary Data Usage from City School Semi-structured interviews2016-11-02
SSHRC RESEARCH PROJECT: Studying The City School Partnership2016-11-02
McMaster – Mohawk Graduate School Pathways Project2016-11-02
Faculty identified at-risk college students: Comparing a predictive model and faculty identification.2017-02-28
What are health science students' perceptions of the use of an inter-professional educational event as a learning strategy?2017-02-06
Online Students’ Perceptions of Authentic Assessments in Jamaica, United States, and Canada2017-03-01
The Physiological Impact of Multi-Sensory Environment Sessions on Adults with Diverse Disabilities2017-03-29
Radiation Therapists' Perceptions of Interprofessional Collaboration in Radiation Therapy2017-03-29
Implementing Technologies in Mathematics Classrooms in Ontario Colleges2017-05-03
The role of community partnerships in the support of refugee-background, post-secondary students2017-04-20
The Effects of Career Preparatory Tools on Postgraduate Employment2017-05-03
The universal design for learning for technology-enabled post-secondary courses at Mohawk College research study2017-04-26
Assessing the Impacts and Viability of Competency-Based Education (CBE) at Mohawk College2017-04-26
Early career college faculty: A model of work engagement and approaches to teaching2017-04-26
Master of Environment and Business Capstone Project - Identifying Barriers to Adopting Sustainable Strategies as Ontario’s 24 Colleges Align to the Province’s Net-Zero Future2017-06-01
Faculty Support for Technology-Enabled Learning at Ontario Colleges: Current Practices & Prospective Opportunities2017-06-01
Detection of Motor Seizures using Wireless Body Area Network.2017-09-28
The Effects of Career Preparatory Tools on Postgraduate Employment Phase 22017-09-19
Mohawk Mindset: A Student Success Toolkit2017-09-19
Language Instruction for Newcomers in Canada (LINC) Program: Long-term Impacts on Post-secondary Education Attainment and Labour Market Participation2017-10-26
Evaluating the Impact of Academic Probation Letters on the Experience and Retention of Students2018-01-04
The antecedents and outcomes of informal role occupancy in sport teams2017-10-25
Diversity Snapshot of the W. Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology: Faculty, Staff and Student Perspectives2018-02-16